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Protecting your Home from Fire Risks

kitchenProtecting your home and family

On average a home blaze happens every 87 seconds, 7 people die and 40 are injured. The number one cause of fire is kitchen stoves. Always be careful with grease and keep away clothing, paper products and pot holders.


There are 35 fires a day from candles in homes. Always test and make sure smoke detectors are installed properly, two thirds of all fire deaths happen when they are not working correctly.


We emphasize the importance of developing a fire escape plan for your family, making sure each family member understands what to do in an emergency.


Visit for more detailed prevention ideas.


From all of us at Lock Insurance we want you to have a safe holiday, keep your family safe, and never have to go through a fire claim. But if you do, we are here for you and your family, and we will take care of every step of the way.

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