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Do You Have Identity Theft Coverage on Your Home Insurance Policy?

idIf you’ve never had something stolen from you in your lifetime, then you’re
one of the lucky few. For everyone else who has been a victim of theft in some form or another, the feeling of violation is enormous. Although some material possessions are sentimental, most can be replaced. Theft of material possessions however is not the only thing thieves are stealing. Your identity is much more valuable to a thief than any of your possessions.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft is on a rise and does not seem to be slowing anytime soon. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) millions of Americans become victims of Identity Theft each year and although there are some things you can do to prevent Identity Theft there is no guarantee that you yourself will not become a victim.

Correcting the affects of Identity Theft takes time and money and in some cases can have a lasting effect. There are a few things you can do however to help mitigate the damage of identity theft. As a homeowner your valuables, your belongings and your peace of mind is important. Like most coverage on a homeowner policy an endorsements can be added to your policy for little to no charge. To add “Identity Theft” on to your policy on average is only $25 and gives you protection up to $25k for expenses incurred as the direct result of identity theft.

Although you cannot necessarily prevent someone from stealing your identity, you make sure you are covered in the event a need arises. Call your local agent today to inquire about how you can go about added this coverage to your policy.

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