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Going to the Beach this Summer? Play it safe.

summerbeachFloridians are fortunate enough to live in a state that experiences beach weather almost year-round, but before you put on the sunblock and shades, there are things you must remember. Safety should be the ultimate goal, as ocean water is unlike any other type of swimming environment, and there are many perils of swimming in the ocean.


Knowing how to swim is essential in any water, but more so in the ocean, as the sea lends to unpredictable and, most times, unforeseen circumstances. According to the American Red Cross, rip currents cause the death of beachgoers each year.


Aside from knowing how to swim, there are simple rules you and your family can adopt, and these should be followed every time you enter the water. Always make sure you are never alone. If something does go wrong, someone will see and be able to get help.


Also, make sure you obey all the posted rules and regulations. They are there for a reason. Pay extra close attention to children in the water, as they are unpredictable, and ensure you do not go too far out. Staying as close as possible to the shoreline reduces the risk of an incident.


Even the most experienced swimmers can find themselves in difficult situations in the ocean. If you are not a professional swimmer, you should always consider a life jacket. Remember that not all beaches have lifeguards on duty, so knowing how to prevent an accident is the best way to ensure your and your family’s safety.

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