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Should you get Golf Cart Insurance? Good Question.

golfcartGolf Carts in Florida are unique because the requirement for golf cart insurance varies from county to county. Typically if your golf cart goes at a speed of 20 mph or less, then your golf cart does not need to be registered. Therefore, no insurance is required.


There is, however, another type of golf cart, one that exceeds 25 mph and can carry a load of 3,000. This type of golf cart is known as NEVs or Neighborhood Electronic Vehicle and is considered a “low-speed vehicle” These golf carts can be driven on roads where the speed limit does not exceed 35 mph. In most cities, this type of golf cart does need to be registered, and insurance is required.


To truly know whether or not you should purchase insurance coverage for your golf cart, you need to be informed of the laws and requirements of your county and the rules of your Homeowner’s Association, as they, too, could require that you carry insurance on your golf cart.


Whether or not you are required to carry coverage, you should still consider purchasing insurance, as you could be passing up on valuable coverage that could benefit you if a claim ever arose. Golf cart coverage is similar to a standard automobile insurance policy, covering liability, medical payments, comprehensive, collision, and even uninsured motorist coverage.


Most homeowner companies will allow you to add golf cart coverage as an endorsement on your policy at a minimum cost. Some companies may even have a built-in clause that automatically extends liability from your homeowner’s policy to your golf cart. Every insurance company is different, and policy coverage can vary.


You are encouraged to call your local agent to see what options are available to you. You may find that you already have coverage or that obtaining coverage is easier and cheaper than expected.

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