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Five Essential Tips on Owning a Secure Home

According to the FBI, a burglar breaks into a home every 15 seconds in the United States. Many of these break-ins could be prevented. Homes have weak points, and being aware of them can help you to prevent a break in before it happens.


Here are some of the best tips for keeping your home secure:

  • Make Your Alarm Known: Sure, an alarm will blare through the house after it is triggered, alerting you and the proper authorities to a break in. But the key word in this is after. Make sure to also have a sign noting your alarm company’s name displayed prominently outside your house – this can work as a deterrent to warn burglars away before they try to break in.
  • Light Up Your Yard: Strategically placed outdoor lights can help discourage burglars – their main goal is to get in and out of your home unseen, and well lit entryways to your home can be a major deterrent.
  • Be Careful With Spare Keys: Hiding a key underneath the doormat or above the door frame is no longer secure. The safest place to hide a key is with a trusted neighbor. If you have to hide a key on your property, ask a few friends to come over, and have them take turns guessing where it is. Do not use those places – if your friends can guess them easily, chances are a seasoned burglar could as well.
  • Lock It Up: Make sure to pick a sturdy door for your home, with a heavy-duty strike plate and either a deadbolt or a knob-in-lock set with a dead-latch. For your windows, burglar-proof glass is a possibility, but locks are a must.
  • Don’t Broadcast: Social media has become a fact of our everyday life. We may post a video of our vacation to Instagram, or post a status about the two week European vacation you are going on. The internet does not discriminate – a potential burglar could see one of these updates, and know that you will not be home – giving them ample opportunity to break into your home.

Keeping these tips in mind, your home should be safe from many burglars. Still, home insurance is important, just in case something does happen to your valuables. To get started with a new home insurance policy, contact Lock Insurance today!

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