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Everyday Insurance Risks in Florida

FLORIDAGetting home insurance in the state of Florida can be a hassle. Many national chains of insurers are wary of insuring homes in Florida, as many risks are involved. If you live in Florida or own a property like a vacation home in Florida, here are some things you need to remember when shopping for home insurance:

  • Good inspection scores can help your premium: Have your property inspected by an independent inspector. Generally, insurance companies ask for a 4-point inspection of your property’s heating/ventilation, plumbing wiring, and roof and a wind mitigation inspection to ensure your home can withstand stormy weather.
  • Little things can make or break a policy: While your home may be up to standard, other things, like bad credit, can raise the price of your premium. But things such as burglar or smoke alarms can work in your advantage, lowering premiums.
  • Consider flood coverage: Because of the high risk of flooding due to storms in Florida, many insurance companies will require that you have separate flood coverage before offering you a policy.
  • Ensure your carrier knows what type of property you are insuring: Some insurance companies require additional information if you are trying to insure a second home, such as the name and contact information of a caretaker who watches the house in your absence.

The professionals at Lock Insurance can help you find affordable coverage for your home and understand the pitfalls of finding the right insurance in Florida. To get started, contact us today for a free quote! (863-646-4300)

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