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Homeowners Insurance Claims

Whether it’s damage due to a natural disaster, an unexpected accident, or a break-in, knowing when you should file a home insurance claim and what the consequences will be is essential.

So When Should You File a Homeowners Insurance Claim?

When should you file a homeowners insurance claim? What will that mean for your future rates or eligibility for a new policy with a new carrier?  Here are some things to consider before contacting your insurance company.

Look First At Your Options

When making a home insurance claim, the first thing to consider is whether your current policy will cover the claim.  You should know exactly what your insurance covers before making a claim; however, checking on the specific claim you will make before contacting your insurance company will give you the upper hand.

Is a Claim Necessary?

Once you have determined whether you are eligible, the next thing to consider is whether a claim is necessary.  There may be instances when the deductible for your particular claim is higher than the costs.  In that case, a claim would be a waste of time.  You may also want to consider if the overall cost is worth any potential rate increases resulting from a claim.

When You’re Contacting Your Insurance Company

If you decide to claim, arming yourself with all the necessary information will make the process go quickly and smoothly.  Be sure you have all your insurance policy documents readily available.  You should also gather as many documents related to the claim-repair estimates, police reports, and photographs.  It is also a good idea to keep track of all contacts with your insurance provider in case a dispute occurs.

In most cases, claiming your home insurance is a good idea.  Keeping calm, organized, and informed can make the process stress-free. Most notably, contact us for advice.

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