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An RV Trip should not ruin your marriage or your day!

Mistakes happen, especially when you’re somewhere unfamiliar, but the results of a recent survey may still surprise you. The survey found that among RVers, a spouse is more likely to be accidentally left behind than a dog.


A leading RV insurer, The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, surveyed over 1,000 RVers countrywide to uncover amusing mishaps they’ve experienced while traveling.


The survey found that the most common blunders made while traveling are:

  • Driving away with the steps extended
  • Backing into something
  • Misjudging overhead or side clearance space
  • Not connecting taillights correctly
  • Running out of gas

The survey found that 53% of RVers spend a month or more each year traveling the open road, and 42 percent travel more than 500 miles per trip.


Traveling the open road in an RV can be a great adventure, but sometimes it gets bumpy. That’s why RVers were also asked about their insurance. When mishaps happen, you want to get back on the road fast—ideally with all your passengers on board.


Only 28% bought a stand-alone insurance policy with specialized RV coverages. 54% added their RV to their auto policy, and 14% didn’t buy any RV insurance.


Although mishaps can sometimes be funny, they can also lead to costly damages. Simply adding your RV to your auto policy can leave you woefully under-protected. It’s important to know what coverages are available to protect yourself and your vehicle adequately.


“There are huge differences in coverage and services from companies that specialize in RV insurance,” says Cathy Pelfrey, RV product manager at Progressive.“ Check with us your local independent insurance agent.

Don Westerfeld 9/11/2012 1:04:00 PM

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