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Dog Liability Coverage on Your Homeowners, Do You Have It?

bitting dogIf you’re a dog lover, you know the importance of ensuring your furry friend feels like a part of the family. Like everything else, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Not all dogs, however, are considered as friendly as others. If you are a homeowner and required to carry homeowners insurance, knowing that not all dogs are welcome in the insurance world is essential.

In recent years liability suits have become a common pastime resulting in millions of dollars paid out by insurance companies each year. Lawsuits of all kinds are settled daily. One, in particular, is dog bite claims. Most homeowner policies will cover liability if your dog attacks or bites someone if the “Dog Liability Endorsement “is on your policy. Dog Liability, in short, covers loss arising from dogs you own or keep.

However, remember that not all insurance companies offer this endorsement. Also, remember that even though most companies do, stipulations are still involved, such as the breed of dog you own.

Some companies do not offer dog liability for certain breeds, such as Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Akitas, Doberman Pinchers, Chows, Rottweilers,s and others. These dogs are put on the vicious dog list.​

The vicious dog list differs for each company, so check with your agent to see which breeds your current homeowner insurance company considers hostile. In some cases, if you wish to keep your dog, you may be forced to obtain a non-standard homeowner policy. Knowing what’s covered on your policy and your options will help you decide what type of policy you need and maybe even what kind of dog you want.

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