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Boat Safety for the Summer

Jumping on the wavesIt’s already the middle of summer, and many people have been spending time on the water with their boat, enjoying the weather (until any afternoon thunderstorms, at least). Whether you own a boat to go fishing in the ocean or enjoy afternoons at the lake, there are some safety tips you can employ to stay safe out on the water.


First and foremost, you can take a boating safety course and learn the “rules of the road” – for example, some locations have speed restrictions for your boat. It would be best to look at your boat’s limits, ensuring you know its capacity and do not overload it with items or people.


Make sure you have a friend or family member on land who knows where you are going when you go boating. When you are expected to be back – this is especially important when you are going into deep ocean water, as sometimes you may be out of range for radio or cell phone calls.


You should also always wear a life jacket and ensure enough life jackets for everyone on the boat. Life jackets not only can help you stay afloat in the water, but they also help to provide thermal protection against the onset of hypothermia in cold water. Even with a life jacket, it is essential to know how to swim. Know your limits while swimming as well – swimming in open water is more complex than in a swimming pool, and you should always stay within sight of your boat.


Finally, it would be best if you also had insurance for your boat. Boat or watercraft insurance is similar to both home and auto insurance. Like auto insurance, it covers property damage that may occur to your boat and the damage that your boat may inflict on docks or other vessels. Like home insurance, it protects your liability if someone is injured on your craft. No matter how safe you are, accidents can still happen. By purchasing watercraft insurance from Lock Insurance, you are assured that you and your boat will be safe whenever you go out on the water.

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