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The Benefits of Going Paperless

policyThe benefits of going paperless are many, the most important being the money you can save by enrolling. Going paperless refers to receiving your insurance documents, such as your insurance ID cards, policy declarations, and other documents, via email instead of through the postal service.


This method saves you money because it eliminates the overhead cost associated with printing and mailing documents through the postal service, and therefore those savings can be transferred to you.


Most insurance companies offer a discount for electing to go paperless, usually saving you at least 5% on your insurance premium. Going “Paperless” is easy; your agent can enroll you anytime during your policy period. All you would need to get started is a valid email. You will, in most cases, have to answer a few questions for the insurance company to verify who you are. Still, once this is done, you will start receiving your policy documents via email immediately. Your discount will typically be prorated depending on when you enrolled.


Why not use a technology you use daily, such as email, to your advantage? Calling your agent can save you time and at least 5% on your insurance policy.

Call your agent to see if “going paperless” is your option.



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